Reviews for "Throwback the Duck Ep. 1B"


I really wanted to like this one. The concept is pretty good, the music is good, the art is top notch. There are a lot of major problems though, not the least of which is the writing. The whole thing is very slow, the dialog doesn't feel natural, much of the voice acting is bad, and there's an absurd amount of filler.

You need to pick up the pace. We don't need a robot bird giving a 30 minute speech, if you must have the character trim his part down and use a faster (and intelligible) voice. We don't need such a completely uneventful traveling scene. The people reading the lines really should practice them much more (Bubsy and the woman were pretty well done), so the delivery is snappier and doesn't feel so strained. If this is supposed to be a comedy (I really can't tell), your writer needs better material.

You have something with potential on your hands, and with some (admittedly large) improvements we could see something genuinely masterful.

David-Gornoski responds:

From the beginning, I've said that this is an adventure series. You are watching a journalist on the trail of mascots. It's tongue-in-cheek adventure. Think of Scream. That was tongue-in-cheek thriller. Most people dont realize it was a great comedy, because they think comedy must make you laugh nonstop.

But that's not the goal with that movie. And it's not the goal with my series. Im telling a story...which also happens to poke fun at saturday morning toons of the 80's. That includes cheesy dialog and what appears to be "bad acting." It's part of the package, my friend.


The script isn't the best... and it's getting worse with each episode. I really think you should get someone else to write the script, and also, the delivery of the jokes is getting wrecked.

The delivery of the jokes is getting wrecked because:

A) You're putting the voice clips too far apart. The jokes aren't as snappy as they're supposed to be. The pacing's been messed up.

B) Throwback's voice-actor sucks. He's sooo boring and doesn't read the jokes very well. In fact he doesn't voice act very well.

David-Gornoski responds:

Can I remind you that this is tongue-in-cheek humor. The genre of the show is adventure first...Comedic bits are sprinkled on.
But like I said, the show is a tongue-in-cheek poke at Saturday morning cartoons...that means I AIM to replicate the cheesiness and even appearances of "bad acting" that was so prevalent in many of the 80s and 90s morning cartoons.


This is one of the best flashes ever! GO THROWBACK! Make another! Please!


brilliant animation!
fantastic story and wonderful artwork :D

Veru nice graphics but poor storyline

basicly it is a very nice try
the graphics are very buityfull and the animation is aswell
but there is no storyline
it is Soo... boaring i could bairly even watch it to the end
it was actualy like a torture

i hope you don't think i am flaming you or anything, but the story line must be interesting, this looks like a uncut version of something

Nice cartoon ;)