Reviews for "Throwback the Duck Ep. 1B"

You need a new writer...

The animation is excellent. You can probably get hired somewhere. However, the writing is borderline atrocious. As other reviewers have said there just isn't enough funny aspects to this cartoon. I don't know if you trying to keep this cartoon PG, but even Shrek movies have wonderfullly well written adult jokes that the little ones will almost always miss. I did appreciate the mulletology part of the episode. However, I was completely confused with the Asian assassin part. Angry Chinese man?!?! Whatever the reason for the restraint on some of the more adult humor I understand. However, the slapstick isn't even comical here. One last request, make the DUCK quack at least once :P.

Extremely well Produced but...

So from your responses to other authors I've garnered that this is "tounge-in-cheek" humour and mimicking the crappy quality of 80's and 90s saturday morning toons.

1st off this is an extremely ambitious proect that took alot of work. It definately shows and the final product is excecuted flawlessly. I can't give you a legitimate critique on your animation style because of the high quality you managed to maintain through two episodes.

I'll have to admit that the only flaw with this animation series is the scripting. Often times this just isn't funny. I understand that you are going for a comedy movie, and not just any comedy movie, but a "tounge-in-cheek" comedy movie of the style of scream. Well to be honest scream wasn't a comedy movie of the highest caliber. Better "tounge-in-cheek" examples would be the OLD pink panthers with Peter Sellers.Relating you animation to the Pink Panther is more apt due to the overlapping themes of detectives/journalists.

Yes, I understand you aren't trying to fit in a joke a second and make this a laugh fest but a serious more slow paced comedy does need its jokes to be funny when they appear. There is almost no build up to the jokes, no clear punch line, and they often go WAY to long (like the asian person depiction) It's also alright to be random to be funny. But again your not hitting my funny bone and it seems that your not hitting alot of other peoples funny bones.

This seems to be a theme. I'm not sure I can outright tell you how to be funny in a mere review but when a large number of people say, wow this is well done but not funny, and getting drawn out too long, perhaps you need to modify some things. I'm not even telling you to sell yourself short to the modern viewers' "short attention span" and make slapstick humour. If the comedic tensions is there, the viewer WILL pay attention and not get bored. With such good animating quality its a shame that the script is really pulling this flash down. It should be one of the best things on this site.


great story! great sond! great grafics!! and its a seires!!!! THANK YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUU

The first one was better.

Right after watching the first one I decided to watch this one. The great graphics and smooth animation caught my eye, as it is mildy rare to have someone do such a good job.

Almost immediately after starting the movie, I regretted my desicion. The appaling racism and stereotyping was applied in the first scene, which went on for much longer than needed, and the scene should have been thrown away.

Good job on the asian stereotype, you hit it head on! Let's reinforce stereotypes!

I was sad to see such a great movie tarnished by a completely pointless act of racism.


I like where this is going

Throwback never got his chance to be a real nintendo mascot (stupid Kirby!) but in his new job it looks like he's doing a lot more than just being a journalist. It seems you're taking him on his own adventures as he wanted. Am I close? Keep it up, can't wait for episode 2.

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