Reviews for "Throwback the Duck Ep. 1B"

Stick to the animation/style..get a writer/actors

Your animation, and more importantly visual style is very good. The way you use music and the way pieces are animated are done very well with good execution. The problem is that as many have said the voice acting is only mediocore.

The main problem though is that this is teribly unfunny. The writing is in my honest opinion poor. The only moderately funny parts are those which seem to be completly random and have no relation to the actual story. It seems you use these parts as a crutch to keep the whole thing moderately fully.

The story is good, but please get a new writer...or atleast try to improve this part of your flash. The story is uninstersting without making it a commedy, but from what ive seen it is just not funny.

That was great!

That's the reason why I added you to my fave artists! And whoaa.....that Asian was crazy! lol

I hate throwbacks voice....arrragh!!!!

Everything else is super cool...his voice is like a cheese grater on my soul !!!!!!!!!!!!

I really liked it.

Your animation/art is top notch, the voice execution can be iffy though. No matter the situation it's always the same tone.

If you got some better voice acting and some better jokes behind this, I could really see it on TV in the future.

Glad to see this finally back

I was almost getting worried that you weren't going to continue this. I loved the first one and this one now. I don't care what everyone else says, I think the new ones are great. Very rare to see such good adventure-like stories on here anymore that are good in my opinion. Maybe the random ADD Chinese kid was a bit odd, but I liked it. Looking forward to the next one.

P.S. Any reason on dividing it into two parts? You were able to get the first onto one and that was just as long as these two combined.

David-Gornoski responds:

The flash file size limit was reached while animating it. It was too big to fit in one file.