Reviews for "Throwback the Duck Ep. 1B"

{{{ AWESOME }}}

This was great. Graphics were great, storyline great, nothing bad/unsuitable for anyone whatsoever. One problem was the voice of the duck was a little bit quiet. Everything else was perfect.

What a waste of effort

The animator has some talent but the voice acting and script was absolutely horrible. That Asian man just pissed me off to the maximum level. It wasn't even the slightest bit funny. Throwback has potential, but not with the current voice actors/script writers. Very annoying voice acting. It was dull and it didn't even suit the animation at all. Throwback sounded like he had a disgusting nasal infection.

Very Nice

This is for parts A and B.

Throwback the Duck is indeed a breath of fresh air on Newgrounds. Its safe for work, has some humor, and looks great.

Throwback the character, however, is a little corny. Or maybe thats personality.

Hmmm... who whould want to whack Bubsy, the infamous 90's VG train wreck?


It's not funny, and as a result, it's not entertaining.

Of course, the art is wonderful. Shading in a flash movie with traditional animation? Amazing. I can't imagine how much time you spent on those sequences.

However whatever goal you were trying to achieve, whether it was to be this "tongue-in-cheek" humor you keep mentioning, a parody of 80's/90's cartoons, or whatever, you didn't achieve it. One of the concepts of parodying something is to poke fun at it by pointing out its flaws and goofiness and then making it apparent how flawed and goofy it is. This cartoon doesn't do that. The whole "bad acting on purpose" thing doesn't work, because instead of the viewer saying "oh I see, they're making the voice acting bad on purpose haha," he or she instead says "... the acting is bad." There's no indication in the movie that the acting is poor on purpose, and even when you know that, the way its done does nothing for that theme. The acting is just bad. It's not funny bad, it's just bad bad. There's a point where you still need to establish personalities for the characters, and dialogue alone won't cut it.

The premise of this series has insane amounts of potential. When I saw the zero episode I remember thinking "well, it's kind of boring but I can't wait for the real first episode." I could imagine how many jokes and situations could arise from digging up old has-been video game mascots and seeing how their situations apply their relevance to video gaming. Instead I was met with boring, clich├ęd situations. Bubsy working at a minimum wage job and is the target of assassination attempts? Why Bubsy? Why not any other washed up mascot in existance? His situation has no relevance to his character except for that solitary catfood joke. I can hope that episode 2 will individualize Bubsy's situation from anyone else's by the unveiling of the assassins and their reasoning, but from how it's going I can't imagine it'd be anything that has to do with his character at all.

You could have so much material for Bubsy. He was obviously a huge ripoff of the Sonic games, but the SNES didn't have any of the speed to match Sonic. Plus the game engine was horribly made. Not to mention all the Bubsy related injokes from the game itself.

This series just seems like the epitome of wasted potential. You've got this hard work ethic, incredible flash skills, a really funny premise, but the execution of it all is really lame. Please work on it, find some co-writers or something because I really want to like this series. It's just, at this current rate, I can tell I'm just gunna hate it.


That was SO slow I've given up of watching new episodes.
Insanely boring.