Reviews for "Throwback the Duck Ep. 1B"

Hey Hey.

I would love for you to put Subtitles in the next episode.


I friggin love bubsy, he was one of my favs.

Nice job as a whole

I remember watching episode 0 a while back and loved this series then.

Glad to see it continue in all its wonderfully drawn glory...

seriously...thats some awesome artwork. Nice music too...really fits the situations and the era as well :)


Very good artwork, and well made. However the plot was abit slow and things that were ment to be funny were not as humorus as they could have been. But, once again, very good art.

Wootz (again)

Better sound then A.

I felt the asain guy thing was a little much tho, got a laugh when he stopped for a bit offa the payphone.