Reviews for "Throwback the Duck Ep. 1B"

Love the Animation but...

... The Dialog needs some work, it gets a bit boring after awhile and i don't really like the guy doing Throwbacks voice, He just gives off that annoying you-don't-deserve-to-be-the-st ar-of-the-show type feel to throwback, which might have been your point, but it makes it really hard to like the character.

All and all i loved it, just a bit on the flaccid side on the dialog/humor.


Disgruntles Asian! I loved this one. Throwback ftw~

lovin it

its great its interesting i mean an Nintendo mascot interviewing other Nintendo characters im lovin it bugsys nervous as hell i think just by looking at him he looks a bit shaky ya know and throwback
is quite funny to and whats with the china man hah anyway the best characters in this episode are the chinaman bugsy and throwback

lovin` it

ive watch all of the Throwback stuff you have, i love it !!

get animation, great sound, and crazy asians!

keep it up, cant wait for the next show!

Mad Asian Guy

Dude! What the heck is that asian guy's problem?!?

Nice work by the way, bubsy has been one of my favorite games as well.