Reviews for "Throwback the Duck Ep. 1B"


Wow! That was insane.

An awesome sequel to Episode 0.

Ever since you uploaded Episode 0 I was eager to view ep. 1, and you fullfilled, well if not even surpassed, my expectations.
From the story it's kind of 'EH?', but what the hell the animation and style is great so it's a joy nevertheless, and actually there might be some interesting twists. ^^

needs improvement

the animation was great and it felt like a mainstream television cartoon accept the voice acting for the duck was poor and thus the whole ting suffered all i could focus on was that the duck sounded really slow and retarded lol

that was a good movie r u gonna make ep. 2

man that movie was good the only prob is u need to get ineractivity in it but it was good


That was great? By any chance do you have it in .mp4 for us with iPods? I'm going on vacation in the summer and I want something to do on the plane, ;)