Reviews for "Throwback the Duck Ep. 1B"

its sad you had to put that into 2 parts..

* continuied review* But i liked it. I cant wait to see more!. teh assasination atempt seemed odd but ill let you explain it o me in later episodes. Keep up the good work.

Nice job...

Two thumbs up for the looks. Smooth animation and well-thought characters made this one (both pts A&B) a joy to watch. The pissed-of asian guy did'nt make any sense at all though. And LOVING it.

Waiting this to go on.

Excellent Episode

You have done very strong work here. The characters are detailed and unique, the premise is fantastic and the humor is clever. Great Job!

Great, but short

This is a really great flash, and a great flash
series, and I hope it continues to get better in each
episode. It may seem as though I'm comparing you to
Brackenwood and others from Adam Phillips, But that's
because this could rival Brackenwood for the best
series on Newgrounds.

Graphics: Not much to say here, besides that it rival
Adam Phillips for the best art on Newgrounds! Every
thing is in great detail, from the people waiting in line at the store, to the feather's on Throwback's head,
it's well illustrated.

Animation: Great animation, although sometimes you
shirked on it, i.e. the explosion in the locker room; 20 grey "clouds" of smoke spinning isn't what I want to see in an explosion, or even a chimney. This isn't Sly Cooper. Other than that, though, it was smooth and fluent. I know that it's hard work to work on a flash, but
still, spend some time on making it as great as it can

Sound: Good acting, but sometimes it could be hard to
hear Throwback because the recording was too soft. But
everything had great sound effects, and there was some
great music playing in the background, which fit each
mood perfectly.

Humor: Hilarious, from the cat (name has slipped my mind) removing the cat food from the kid, then eating it, to when the cat runs into the dumpster on his bike. This was a bit more funny than the other, but because of its shortness, there wasn't much to laugh to.

Great flash, just some work, and you'll be rocking it in the top 25. Just need a little more work, a little more effort, and you'll get there, I promise

Hope to see more in the future

Honestly this has some great potential for a series
I'm digging the style and animation, its topnotch
Wish ya guys luck