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Reviews for "Just Like A Video Game"


hmm ... i never realized my little mix would make such a good credits theme, hahaha. i really enjoyed your flash, and your drawing style is very nice. keep it up.

Butzbo responds:

Thanks, and yeah, i needed something that clearly was representing the concept of "Videogame", so an oldschool nintendo remix was perfect!

good one

that was a pretty cool and interesting animation. this one might've been a little bit short, but it definitely had a very nice concept to it, very nice graphics, good audio, cool humour and entertainment and it was a blast to watch.
nice work on it. i liked it.

Awsome job

I would like to let you know that I enjoyed your flash. The animation was pretty good. It looked like you used alot of FBF animation. I liked it. Over all I think your flash was pretty good. The sound was pretty clear,and the sound effects were pretty good as well. And the story was pretty funny. Keep up the good work.

Very nice

The graphics were unique and very stylish. I loved this really; the animation was very good and synched very well.

If you want to collab sometime, PM me.



Nice little story.

OK art
OK animation
Good sound
I didnt understand the fried egg.

Butzbo responds:

the fried egg is a wink to my first submitted movie : "Solar burn", the same purple guy explodes in that short, becoming a fried egg.
heh. Glad you liked it!