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Reviews for "Billy Blue Fish"


This is so much better than the score would suggest. Far from an average shooter - it's varied, original and great fun. With some of the best graphics around.

I've followed your work over the years and it was nice to play a kind of callback to all the great characters you've created.

Could suggest a few things, the movement was a bit mechanical, some acceleration and deceleration would be nice. And putting comments with a game will always help, surprised that you didn't.

Keep the games coming, you're one of the best.


this game is awesome dude

the rapid fire the graphics! ah amazinggg

maybe put some upgrades in it??

new costumes for the guy?

o & HOW DO YOU UNLOCK THAT PORTAL ON THE 4TH STAGE I THINK IT WAS! you know right after the piza tower or the elephants...pretty sure its the piza.. but how do i???

please help! =]



that was awesome,I gotta admit I was gonna blam it at first.But as I played it it became more and more fun.awesome wacky game I beat it you should make a sequel and to the guy below me you will unlck the door later in the game.

great game

best game so far i go on mausland all the time i havew to give you credit 100/100

Wiesi responds:

Mausland loves you!!

Random FTW

Hey you got a rocket in my fish!?! Well might as well put a hat on it.