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Reviews for "Billy Blue Fish"

Epic game!!

For curious ones, the music in "eyeball" level is "You" by Ayumi Hamasaki.

Great game. Why isn't it showing in your profile? Your games graphics are good and the games are real smooth.

Michael bay created this game

This is one of the most insane games I've ever come across! It's great to see references to all you previous works. I freaking loved how gorgeous the colors were. The best part was probably how every enemy was so unique. You don't really make pornographic games anymore, do you? They still have the most views.

I appreciated how fast paced this was. I was so close to killing Rambo at that one point. It just went downward from there. I loved how much mobility you had. Dang, you are creative!

weird game. i encountered a glitch on my first playthrough. the game didn\t end when i died.