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Reviews for "Billy Blue Fish"

wow this is ok....................

the only bad thing its kinda hard.

Well, it was a bit simple...

...but THIS game design kept me wondering and laughing until the end.
Almost went crazy when fighting the egg and Mona :D

An example of total acid mushroon whatever randomness and enjoyable gameplay at the same time.
Thumbs up!

This is great!

Wow theres got to be something not connected in your head. Your insane and your games are insane to! I liked playing this game. Good job.


This great game is really good for kids and adults. the Rambo boss thing is way too funny. And i like the fish pretty neat especially with a blue flame in its tail. I love the bonus game its so awesome and great art work, and the sounds is FABULOUS!!! macarena thing. At first i hate that song because old folks dance that but putting it in the game is great!! i love the bosses too great artwork, i love the background too reminds me of sponge bob squarepants but i think instead of pineapple you put a carrot? right if its carrot indeed your very creative GREAT!!! game more blessing to come to mausland and for the author for creating a very GOOD GAME oh wait not a good game ITS AWESSOOMEEE!!!!

Wiesi responds:

Thanks alot for reviewing!


It was creative, well thought of, and funny. One thing I want you to change is that you shouldn't lose lives in the bonus stages. Usually, when you die in a bonus stage, you don't lose a life but you do not get to play in the bonus anymore. Then again, tsis is not an usual game. Thanks for your hard work.

Wiesi responds:

yeah you´re right with the bonus stage thing. thx for the review!