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Reviews for "CC- Gone Fishing"


nice good graphics may i ask im kinda a beginer wot do u use layers for im on the first layer at the moment

Wikk responds:

I use layers for every different charecter (I split the charecter up into eg. Clock, Body, Hat), a backround, sounds I tend to use different layers for objects.
I find its good to use a load of layers if you organise it like by making folders.

I'm sure you will get it soon. Thanks for the review!


Nice flash you got here, I hope it passes. And it probally will.

Wikk responds:

So do I lol, thanks for the review!

bet u can't guess who this is

oi, this is a well good flash i as like omg when i saw it and then like
lololololololololololololololo lolololololol
lol :)

Wikk responds:

Thanks for the review Doodlebob lol

Well dude u have out done ur self

solid performance hope u can do some more kik*ss stuff 2 but as an early flash that was good, stick with the clock crew as their stuff is soldi and awesome to so stick with it. VCJ KB Wikk u know who i am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wikk responds:

haha thanks for the review Doc

A good chuckle

I really liked it. I couldn't give it to high for the lack of animation, but the jokes were good and the actuall flash was solid. Well done.

Wikk responds:

Thanks :)