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Reviews for "Gun Devil"

Very Slick

That flash was very well done. The animation is some of the best I've seen on the site in a long long time. Not to mention it was just fun to watch. The song was good. Not skipping or anything from it. I'm not entirely sure it was the best fit for an action title, though. Overall, I was extremely impressed.

Way too low rated... way too low...

No way this flash could have less than 4!
But I think that the rating will rise, don't worry about that...
I worship and appreciate your animation style, and there are sure a lot of more people who do the same.

Very clear und nice animations, I like it, thats what a flash's gotta have! Nice one!

Good Job

very great flash dude, the animation is very fluid and i loved how you were synchronizing the song with the action (during the middle of the film). I hope to see more work from you.

V here...

Daily 3rd huh?

That's your rushed-work man, I wonder what'll you get if you had enough time.

I guess Man-o'-magics do exists, and they create amazing animes. :D

Make MC next! I'm not asking you to! I'm ordering you to!

P.S: I'm feeling a little bit of guilt for not helping you with the texts, I hate my cellphone!

not much of a fan of anime...so i have no idea if this will mean anything to you...BUT vary nice work on the animation. 5 stars becuse no voices 4 stars for fluid animation..-500 stars for me for having crapy pc T_T....4.5 work?