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Reviews for "Gun Devil"

its kind of random but good

yeah its good better than anything that i could do

Score needs to be much higher than it is right now

I know the english isn't great, but that's not really taken into consideration.
Some well done art and animation.


I don't usually review things but that was in fact incredible. The graphics were fluid and it had a definite anime feel... actually completely anime feel. Please continue to make things like this. Well actually a back story to this might be nice also in addition to more action things. I know it was suppose to be a random moment in life... although that is kind of rediculous... except it is anime so never mind. Just ignore that last sediment if you want to and keep making these.

also the silver haired person

also the silver haired person looked like someone from megaman ZX advent but that was an awesome flash oh and word of wisdom ( at one time all anime looks the same then it developes and changes)

Well made.

This was actually a good quality flash. You made the picture roll smoothly and, like some other review said, it synced with the music near perfect. I could only find a couple off beats... but that's just professional opinion.

Well done!

By the way, your from Jakartan, correct? Don't people from there speak Indonesian? If so, I know a bit. Let me try it.

Ini sebenarnya flash kualitas yang baik. Anda membuat gambar roll lancar dan, seperti kata beberapa review lain, itu disinkronisasikan dengan musik dekat sempurna. Aku hanya bisa menemukan beberapa off beats ... tapi itu hanya pendapat profesional.