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Reviews for "Gun Devil"


I have to say, THIS is my favorite flash till now. I mean, it's made in flash? It's SO GOOD.
All Hail Yadza Lavaliqa!


One of the best animes ive seen.. ever! More gun devil for me ;)

Good work.

I found that you did this quite well, I'd have to agree with sepiroth-blade though when it comes to showing more emotion.
But overall it was great and I'd like to see more Gun Devil =)

based on pure grapic style

idd give ya 10 /10 , the grapics were blazing , noting to say there good audio sync , however i pity that some of the story was lost in this torrent of awesomeness , more tension building some chara with names worth remembering , work them out , let them breath and live , then add some combat . sorry to dissapoint you with this reaction but i'm absomutely positive about the movie , just it feels like what you wanted to say didn't reach me , whenever the characters showed their emotions it was just for a sec and a little confusing . Take some more time for your next one , maybe lower the style a little to create more of a story

Very impressive.

I really liked this, it made no sense at all but hopefully that will be cleared up if you make more. I mean in terms of some random kid stumbling on that room and picking up that gun, of course that can be easily cleared up.

Anyway, it was visually very impressive. I 've seen alot of flash movies on this site and this really impressed me. It clearly shows you put alot of hard work into this as it is not easy to get it to this quality.

A few quirks with your grammer at time, but that can be overlooked because of the intense battle. Sortof reminds me of Devil May Cry but also Digital Devil Saga, the devil may cry part comes from the spawning of demons and the gun toting action. Digital Devil Saga because of the semi transformation,but heck thats just me!

Anyway, was really good..music was nice too.

Great job.