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Reviews for "Gun Devil"


You did this? By yourself? It almost seems surreal. I literally had to look at your profile and watch some of your other stuff before I could believe it.

Graphics, a 10. You did everything well. Motion blur, light bloom. You definitely gave this piece the works.

Style; It's anime. Which is done to death. But you do it, and you do it very, very well.

Sound: I can't give you a ten because there isn't any sound effects, but I'm definitely giving you a 9 because of the superb music selection.

Violence: Pretty violent. Violence is also very well done. A 9 here.

Interactivity; it's a movie. Humour; couldn't detect any.

Overall, I give this a 9. Well done.

Just totally awsome

Man, that was some kick-ass flash movie you made there.
Love it!!
You got my all 5 of 5!
I wish to see more off your work in the future.

Dayum, that's some professional work right there.

It doesn't really have much of a context other than heroism and good vs bad with impressive fighting, but regardless this is really enjoyable to watch this creative animation and techniques, such as using the drink can as a weapon by filling it with bullets, I thought that was fantastic.

The animation in this was of some very high quality, it's worth noting however one of two issues that did show up with bitmap images, they appeared rough with pixelated edges which was a bit annoying, you can fix this though, by finding the image in the object library, then going to the bitmap's properties and enabling smoothing, that should make anything like the can at the beginning look a lot better.

Other than that and the small translation errors, this was fantastic, something that I like so much that I'm even going to put this on my iPod to watch again in the future, kudos! ;)

its kind of random but good

yeah its good better than anything that i could do


OMG THAT WAS BRILLIANT, you give me your word that you made this!! i love anime and this had an amazinhg feel to it, you must make more, go make anime profesionally lol. FRONT PAGE!!!