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Reviews for "Gun Devil"

gReAt MoViE

i liked this a lot
it's very entertaining
what is the name of the song?

keep up the very good work

for what it is...

You are, without question, an excellent technical animator. In spite of some rough outlining, this piece merits a 10 as far as I'm concerned.

That said, you should let the animation speak for itself. The little text blurbs at the beginning and end were just hokey and amateurish, and made one question whether the piece was stolen (though I'm quite aware that it was not.)

I'm not a big fan of J-pop, but the music seemed appropriate to the presentation. Great job.

good best animie 4 long time

first of all i do like this but the last review rather annoied me. it is just arse liking to try and get helpfull review from author. how can you give 10/10 for interactivity to a film? phew.. soz got that out of my system. it is very good love the close up animation i have absolutly no critasism. :D


Thats what my face was like when i saw this. D: How do you animate like that!? It's so fucking amazing. I just wish I could draw as well as I can action script. It would be better i guess... I wouldn't be suprised if it made daily feature or even top 50 of all time!

one word. awesome.

i dont have any particularly favourite animation style, but the blew me way.
could i have some tips? i'm aspiring to animate, and it's coming slow.