Reviews for "Apocalypse Now [Touhou Co"

Pure awesomeness!!

Its really rare to find good orchestra styled music here on NG. You've done it perfectly, and by mixing rock in it, made it better! (no offence to others who make orchestra music, your's are great too.)
This is just perfect, and works for an epic scene for a movie or something. Great job on this!!! =D


i've been lurking around all week on newgrounds for a new badass metal song that is just fucking epic and i finally found it today!


Epic is the right word for this, right?

I hope everyone knows what touhou is..... I feel bad that here in newgrounds only a few knows touhou....... :(

Expecting another one, Encore!

So, When will you make a remix of "Corpse Travel ~ Be of Good Cheer?"

And again, Kaenbyou Rin is one of my favourite character in Touhou !

it's powerful

it's got a final assault type of blast to it,like a glorious impending death march.