Reviews for "find your way out!"

i like it.

you need a help menu. i cant beat it but it was fun to try and i will right after i uncross my eyes. the graphics were really small but i understand you had to because of everything you had to fit on the screen. i loke it. i like it. please make more and maybe put some help up

W00T great game

voted 5 and under fav!

pretty good

cool game. Ive played 2 games like this before, but they were alot harder. Keep it up and try to make it more complicated next time! And provide a walkthrough for those who are stumped.

nice game

very well done. the way i can tell is because i cant beat it. -_- i need a walkthrough... lol but keep it up you should definatly make another!

Fix the bug

Fix the bug that causes you to keep from being able to open the small window, and it'd also be cool if you added more levels, keep it up.