Reviews for "find your way out!"

To get out

The pointer doesn't respond sometimes, have to hit restart many times. No good.


i couldnt find my way out...



1. In the building on the left, click the bottom mirror so that it is at the same angle as the top one. Also click on the circular shutter to open the window.
2. Click the tree 4 times so that a grenade falls out.
3. Click on the guy to the left of the tree, he will pick up the grenade and take out the guy in the left building. When he's finished walking inside click him again to activate a laser.
4. Now, on top of the building on the right, click the wheel. Then click the guy next to the wheel. He will abseil into the window, taking out the other enemy.
5. Click on the rocket on top of the left building. It will fire a hole into the wall of the right building.
6. Click on the guy who just abseiled into that building, he will go downstairs. Click again to open a door downstairs.
7. Click the "army" box next to the other guy who's standing next to the tree. He'll take out a gas mask and go down the pipe.
8. Keep clicking on that same guy to complete the game.


Is it possible? Haha if it is can someone tell me what to do after i raise the water?

enjoyable game

a really great game took me a couple tryies to figure out anybody having problems solving it after a couple time if your computer is as bad as mine i would suggest reopen the game so you can see the gaddets work again just a great game over all though