Reviews for "Mission: Implausible"

Super stuff!

This is a all just a lillte test to see what can be done with a little bit of thought put into this.
With some more time and effort put into this, it could be something it's not, something so much more!
Though it looks a bit dated by today's standards (which it clearly is), it's still passable, and remains pretty damned good, and has a decent score as well!
The only negative things about this flashwork is the sound... it can get pretty annoying.
No other problems here though! Nice work!

Leaves me wanting to play the game.

If you gathered yourself, and made this into game, I think it would be popular. Would have everything.. humor, action, storyline. What more could you want? (rather than sound, but that beefs up the file size which could be used for content).

Too bad.

Heh, but britney is still semi-hot:p

Heh. ANyhoo, I liked this alot, but even though I know you labelled this as a movie, it says "play this game" on the movie's page.

I loved the coming home and dropping stuff on the table part, as well as the taking equipment from same said table part.

Keep up the good stuff, and i'll keep reviewing:)

Ta-BEE 1.2.3
Expecting a reply, since he knows where the author might nearly supposedly approximately hypothetically live:).

24 hours after exposure haha

it had its moments, i dont really think u needed the play buttons though. and the arms werent connected to a body which was pretty funny

it was pretty good

Note for the future: the clicking forward in the dialogue was pointless, if the user isnt even gonna get a choice of whats gonna happen then no need to have the user click anything, it was basicly a movie.

it started out alright, the jokes from the cliches were old, but i gotta say, britney completely redeemed it, i was laughing my ass off for that one