Reviews for "Mission: Implausible"


Make the intro optional when you make the game and change agent mccabe to agent mcbabe. nice anti-britney gag n all.


Your kidding, i just got through all of the lead up to the mission and then it ended what a teaser this was. I loved that XV virus gag with britney spears i mean i was expecting you to just draw another gruesome picture to be honest with you. I thought the writing was pretty witty and the animation wasnt bad when you used some. Overall this was interesting and is a good base to something more.

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so cool man :D:D:D:D

that's a very good introduction dude. i love it

Oh is that it? You ended it too early.

From the start it was good, I loved how you started it off by showing the feet, it created that sense of mystery which you set out to do, so you grabbed my attention straight away. You had some funny moments in this as well, which I wasn't expecting, I thoguht this was going to be serious, but it was nice to see some humour thrown in such as the Britney Spears joke, the dildo thing wasn't really funny though and even when you submitted this that joke was overdone. Anyway you set the whole story up really nicely and just as I was looking forward to what happened next it was all over, i was expecting this to be a game like it says it is, but it wasn't it was just an interactive movie, you should change it so that it says it's a movie, as then people will be less dissapointed with this. To improve this you should have shown what happened next, instead of having just the setup and you should have added sound effects and obviously voices would have been a nice touch too.

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Not too bad...

It wasn't too bad, really. It looks like it ouwld be a fun game, and very interesting as an interactive adventure.
The surprise catch of the final form of the virus took me totally by surprise... I was expecting a walking dead kind of thing. :-P
All in all it wasn't too bad, but it didn't have anything that stood out either.