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Reviews for "Chaoz Fantasy Rock/Orch."

Good, could have been better.

I think everything including the orchestral feel is great, except the guitar.

Honesty, the guitar was horrible, and it felt like the song could have been alot better without it. The tone of the guitar was muffled, off-pitched, and it made the song too messy.

Anything else is good :D

Step responds:


Can't agree with you about the guitar though, IMO it makes the song sound so much better and more realistic.

But can't please everyone. Thanks for reviewing!


It could have been better with a few tiny modifications, like a different drumkit, less attack on the orchestra, tiny things like that.
Good job.

Step responds:

That's as far as the attack time goes, I'm afraid :(.

But thanks for reviewing.

this is the awesome ness one

i mean it,but it is eaeyer to write it on the subject.

Step responds:



Review Start :

Now first off, this song has been remixed by probably hundreds of people on NG, many in my opinion are very nice, some have original melody, some are so wierd that you can't help but listen to it a million times and review, but very few songs have the originality that this one has, nice job steph.

Intro :

The delayed Reverse cymbal in my opinion was horrible, just remove the delay and add some reverb, and remove all the bass from it if possible.
The Piano wasn't half bad, it sounded amazing, and you nailed the melody but I feel you started off too quickly, you should have added a decent intro, not just reverse cymbal and Boom, that's it.
And also, I think you should have added the melody in a higher octave and decreased the velocity, make it half the lower melody.
That guitar, Oh my goodness, so good, it just makes me smile, I's just, WOW.
I love the way you made it that there's a riff every once in a while to keep interesting.

Build-Up :
Spectacular, the drums in it were wonderful, very professionally made and the quality is awesome, stormdrum is just lovely.
Oh yeah, the main melody just hit me, new paragraph....

Middle :
Very Nice, the volume was just right and it varied a lot, it kept it interesting without losing the flavour of the original song.
A lot of different instruments but it was easy to keep up with, It just feels right, as said before.
I can hear woodwinds I think, It could be cuz I'm on my laptop and it has sucky sound which is why i have poor judgement on sounds at the moment :/
The drums weren't anything special, yes I read the author's comments and yes, I know you said you weren't good at fast drums, but you could have tried a little harder IMHO, That open hat doesn't sound right if it's played a lot, i suggest you make it that there's a hi-hat every eighth, so that it's moderate but adds a new element.

Solo :

Awesomesauce, those are some tasty guitar riffs, Pure-Metal did a kickass job on this, it just sounds so good, yes there are some wrong notes (keep the crappy speakers thing in mind) but it was sooo good.
I liked especially the drums in it, they were so nice, just smooth flowing, good quality, original and professionally made.

Instruments :

Nice Flow of instruments, very nice quality and very good choice, all in all the instruments were amazing, especially the strings and guitars, I loved those a lot, nice job.

Drums :
The drums were very good quality and there were a lot of different drum beats, it kept it interestin, which makes me hear the song time after time, what can I say? I'm a drum lover :3

Structure :

Very nice, original and the transitions were fantabolous (lawl, strange words FTW)

Clipping :

Ouch :P, I hear some clipping here and there, but that's a problem that can be dealt with easily.

Overall :

Amazing! Some small imperfections here and there, but still an amazing song, a definite Top 30!

That's it, my longest review, I haven't done a good one in a while and I'm happy that I did this =D
Nice Job, I look forward to hearing both remixes and originals from you, Killer Job!




Step responds:

Whoa dude, massive detailed review! Really appreciate that the first review I ever got on this song is one as helpful as this one, so thanks a million.

Glad you think this remix is original. You know how obsessed I am with originality. If I ever make a generic song, then you can rest assured that I've lost my mind.

Hm, yeah, the intro I did isn't one of my best. Don't know why you don't like the reverse cymbal, I kind of like the way it echoes for a while; gives it a more epic sound. But whatever.

Also regarding how you think it should be started a little better, heck, that's how the original starts :P. And about that thing you mentioned about adding another octave to the piano and making the higher notes' velocity lower... funny thing is, I *did* do that in quite a few parts of the song. You fail xP.

I'm happy you like the guitar. It has a variety of different riffs thanks to Pure-Metal-UTA. Before it used to be just two different patterns - power chords and a very simple rhythm of quick guitar strums. Pure-Metal-UTA went and varied the riffs so much more.

You think the drums are good? Well thanks!

As for the volume, yeah I did spend quite a while trying to get it right, and yeah, in some occasions of the song I used loads of instruments, and at one point I had kicks, snares, cymbals, toms, bass pedals, a French horn, violin staccatos, a piano, a cello, a guitar and orchestral drums all playing at the same time. D:
No woodwinds though :P.

Hm, first you said the drums were good now you're complaining about them. Mind = confused. Also, don't know why the open hat sounds weird when played a lot, and I *did* add a hi-hat every eighth, and a very soft hi-hat every sixteenth, so don't know what you mean about the drums, sorry xP.

Glad you liked the solo, Pure-Metal-UTA sure did a great job on it! I can't hear any wrong notes though, it's probably your speakers. The drums are Stormdrum's orchestral drums and then an old drum beat I made layered on top of it :3.

I'm really happy you think the instruments are well chosen. I just love mixing rock with orchestral.

Wait now you say the drums are good again? Mind = blown.

I'm not usually that good at song structure, so I tried to keep mostly to the structure of the original, but added a few parts here and there, gave some sections more emphasis (such as the solo which doesn't stand out as much as I would've wanted it to in the original), etc... The transitions are good because I'm good at transitions, simple as that :3.

Yep, the song clips. Sowwy :(.

Anyhow, that's one of the longer responses I've done in a while. Sorry that I couldn't do my usual way of responding to large reviews; copy and paste it into my response, quote it and answer it piece by piece. Your review is just too big to paste into the response and have enough space to respond to :P. But yeah, thanks a lot for it, it's really helpful. Honoured to receive your longest review!