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Reviews for "Handmation"

dude that was ausome

ausome somthing i dont have to blam lol. nice work on that frame by frame i think you should make some more of that magic stuff lol it makes u think ur at some magic show er somthing -_-

M4KBOT responds:

Thank you very much for the review! :D

very good!!

i like this!!! man, you are good with the flash obiously. i like thi because you used animation to make the ilution that you were actualy manipulating the coins!!!!!

REALLY well done

This really, REALLY good. I had actually JUST had an idea for something like this this morning. I decided it would be too hard and I couldn't do it, but, you can, and you did it unbelievable well. Nice job, I'm gonna check out your other stuff.


I love this. Nice little piece. Very experimental. it came together nicely. Nice smooth stop motion also. Not many jumps or skips in the frame rate.

Well done

M4KBOT responds:

Thank you very much! :D

I agree with the last guy

That was really cool :O I think I might google the commercial to see what you were talking about. hm.. If I could shoot coins out of my fingertips. I would use my power for evil... Oh. I'd find a way.