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Reviews for "Get Out v2.0"


you need to put all actions in one because it's to stupid to use multiple actions i hate that but the game is good it just needs more work.


This is pretty fun.

Typical, but not bad

Rather typical of point and click escape games. Needs some sound. Decent humor helps make up for the usual frustration. I made it to the kitchen and made the vomit mix, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the thing in the corner or at the top of the shelf.

I'm the Savior of this game!

This was fun. I voted a 3/5 cause it was a little frustrating and it didn't have sound. Oh yah and I was the person who made this be protected. It is kind of weird what it does. Oh well. Good Job. Hope to see more from you.

This game was just okay. A lot of the stuff around it really made it or broke it. I always don't like it when these things don't have music or sound. It just seems kind of lazy. I do, however, admit that the designs are kind of interesting. They are fairly cartoonish, but it doesn't quite work well in the medium.

It's a bit hard to put into words. I do appreciate the good colors. It seems like a pretty standard game, nothing that good or bad. I can see why this doesn't have too many views. I like the green arrows. That reminds me of the superhero.