Reviews for "Mango"


That's one song I'm going to be singing for a while...


Another catchy flash and a catchy song to add to the rest of your archive of catchy songs and catchy flash's, Ah still..Weldone

Nice and impressive graphics.

Hi, I'm assuming that you used AE for this movie and I just wanted to know how you did some effects. I too use AE regularly and I can do mostly everything done here. Btw, the movie's very nice and entertaining. Good lighting of the characters with good color saturation and whatever. I'm guessing that you guys just taped/glued the images of the eyes and arms onto the mangoes and just tossed them around on tape in front of a screen and keyed it out afterwards. But I just have one little question: how did you make the mango that was blurred up at the front during one of the scenes blink? I considered that it could be a stop motion sort of thing but that would be very difficult unless you're really good with tracking or something. Also, the blur seemed more like a natural blur rather than an added effect gaussian blur so that would also make stop motion very unlikely. I guess it could also be in AE basic 3D but that would also be pretty tough. I doubt that you'll respond, so if anyone reads this and knows the answer can they PM me? btw, I'm not intending to make a movie like this, I just think its a clever technique combining animation with live video.


Damn you and your addictive sound loops!
I'll have this running in my head for days!



Graphic= mangotactic
sound = mangotastic
Style= Here is mangooooo!
Violence= none
Interactivity= nope
Humor= mangotastic
Overall = MANGO!

+1 for using a pirate mango