Reviews for "Mango"

Classic Weebl

Not Weebls best work, but a very good song. I can't stop humming it.


Bizarre, mind-numbing, repetitive genius. Great graphics, too.

You frighten me...

...but that was hilarious and now it's kinda stuck in my head since I sat here watching it loop thinking something was gonna change and it took me roughly 5-7 minutes before I realized it was a loop lmao. Very nice work with......the mangoes lol.

Dear god....

TheWeebl is one of the greatest people alive!!! The flashes are fantastic and every one I know agrees. Awesome f***ing work!! I can't get enough, I fear I may be becoming a "Weebl Groupie"!!! Oh well. *dances to the extremely catchy song* ;D

Mangos are delicious fruits

I thoroughly enjoyed and endorse this product/event/service/film