Reviews for "Mango"


omg im still trying to get the mango song out of my head! That awsome keep it up

One word: wow

This is one of the random things I've seen on newgrounds for a long time, but when you go to newgrounds what do you expect, heh? I liked how you had real fruit with an animated background. What I didn't like was how the movie loops, it got kind of annoying if you watch it for a few minutes. By looping it, the poeple who hate will just hate it more.

Here's how the movie sums up:

Graphics-9-not sloppy, real fruit blended nicely
style-7-another random newgrounds movie
sound-7-nice song, but the looping is very annoying
violence-0-the movie was fine without it
interactivity-1-play button
humor-6-personaly, is was litte funny, not laugh out loud funny
overall-7-it's good, front page quality

Um... wow...

Well, I have to admit, it's a lot better than seeing badger-badger-badger or bananaphone everywhere. The song was much better than badger, but it was still pretty stupid.
But stupid is cool. I kinda like it.

Mango, mango, mango-mango, mango, mangoooooooooooo

Am I idiot or what ?? I´m listening to it all day !!!! Great work !! I <3 mango ! more than badger ^^

Mango, Mangoooo, Mango!

Where's the mango? Here is the Mangoooo!!!!
Wow, what a great song! I have to sing it! Nooow!
Mango, Mango, Mango-Mango Mango, Mangooooo...