Reviews for "Argyros - Relapse"


AWESOME!!!! Where can i get the whole song? :D

Argyros responds:

It's out on iTunes/Spotify/a bunch of other online stores now

Thanks for the kind words! :)


yo dude you gotta finish this, you have a great singing voice and I constantly listened to lets play pirates.
Have you ever considered going on itunes? make more songs with singing and words like lets play pirates and relapse and you'll be the next basshunter.

P.S. Would you mind checking out one of my newest songs? I make mainly dance/trance/techno and just afew days ago a house song. thank you

good luck getting famous (although not that you'll be needing it)
:) XD

Argyros responds:

It is finished, and it is on iTunes as well as Spotify.

Thanks for the kind words!

I like it, but

are you guys only going to be producing house tracks from now on?

Argyros responds:

Well, we're going to be producing a couple more hard dance tracks pretty soon. As for after that, we don't really know. Seem to be sticking to the electro/house scene at the moment.

Thanks for the ten!

Haha okay this is crazy good

Wow this is amazing xD
I wish to someday be able to do something close to this.
I'd be really happy if you could go to my latest song that i made - Like A Boss.
And maybe give me a review on what i should improve and stuff.

Great job, keep it up!


Onces itunes instales here .. almost done, Im buying the track x3

Very nice song dude, Is the review right? is that your singing voice wow,
You should defently make more lyric's for your music!