Reviews for "Argyros - Relapse"


yo dude you gotta finish this, you have a great singing voice and I constantly listened to lets play pirates.
Have you ever considered going on itunes? make more songs with singing and words like lets play pirates and relapse and you'll be the next basshunter.

P.S. Would you mind checking out one of my newest songs? I make mainly dance/trance/techno and just afew days ago a house song. thank you

good luck getting famous (although not that you'll be needing it)
:) XD

Argyros responds:

It is finished, and it is on iTunes as well as Spotify.

Thanks for the kind words!


AWESOME!!!! Where can i get the whole song? :D

Argyros responds:

It's out on iTunes/Spotify/a bunch of other online stores now

Thanks for the kind words! :)