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Reviews for "This World of Edd"

cool!!!!!!!!! GGGGGG WOO

you are god lol best animator eva! that music was from this game, a platfrom one but the best ever where you have green shorts and pink hair cant remember name but it was cool evil pigs? lol that was like 28 days later without the zombies, make it again with more zombies!!!!!!!!!11111111111111 111111111111111 cya later and eddworld zombie nation is the best animation you've made


Where did you get that Super Mario Music??????

Love it

Absolutly love it , naked in the house of commons definatly the first thing i'd do lol. Loved the mirrors headline too, it would be so so true. lol


kk, Edd has some problems, he killed'imself???
Oh nO! u cant make more movies, cuz he's dead!!! :[

Double you tee eff

Lulwut Azumanga?