Reviews for "HVR: High Velocity Racing"


Nothin to say. However, there is a bug in the second map. One of these ships hit me with a mine or missile, whatever it was and i bounced out of the map and got in the middle of the chrome. I couldn`t get back.

Overall retro game.

This game is a good attenchion grabber, the fact that your raceing from an overhead view is much like some of the old games out there. Very orginal and thats why I have to give you props.


Reminded me of the old Micro Machines PSX games, i used to play them a lot as a kid. There are some annoying points though, when you hit the wall it bounce you out way too much, it gets really frustrating. Also, it's difficult to stear pretty much.

Otherwise, good job!

good but not great

Its a good start, but it need vehical sounds, less annoying music and a greater variety of weapons. I hope you make a sequal