Reviews for "HVR: High Velocity Racing"

nice one...

I like it!
-But the music stoped now and again after shooting off a rockt. :(
-The first two maps are great but nr. 3 I didn't like. Just the graphics...
-One thing is very good the comp is getting quite good! Nice!
keep it up!

Great start but with a bug or two.

this game was a lot of fun but didn't have much to make you want to keep playing. unfortunately most of what would give it longevity can take a long time to program.

really most of what this game would benefit from can be found in the old dos game DeathRally and the game Escape Velocity: Nova.

But a few key points if you can't get a copy of those games:

- the ability to change the overall speed of the race was a brilliant idea
- the weight stat adds very nice feel to the ships

- defiantly need to fix the bug which knocks you out of the tracks
- weapons seemed too powerful
- all the ships had good maneuvering, the lowest rating wasn't low enough to really be a hindrance.


what a boring game dude!

Nicely doneCustomiza

Very good game, however, some minor changes would improve it greatly:

- The music stops midrace. Make it loop, or add an option to turn it off.
- Add different music for the different tracks. The music was nice, but it gets old after a while.
- When you say "Customaizable ships", I expect somewhat more than just being able to choose the color.

Apart from that, great game. If you ever decide to make a second, here are some things I'd like to see:

- Championships, where you can unlock new ships and weapons etc.
- A shop where you can purchase new ships you have unlocked and upgrade them.
- Mountable weapons in addition to the random pick-ups, like having a machine gun mounted and being to pick up secondary weapons.
- Ship damage, not neccesarily making them destructible, but reducing their stats.

Good work.

Too many glitches...

But that's okay. It's... Pretty original, and the graphics aren't THAT bad... And it could get annoying.

But DONT Put speed to 300. You will go through walls every which way.