Reviews for "HVR: High Velocity Racing"

Good flash racer

You did a good job designing this. i expecially like how you can change the game speed. I always set it to the highest setting (300) for a challenge.

Pretty cool...

Only one prob I had though, the music got a little repetitive and it was a bit hard to control. And to the last guy, getting a fucking life , if all ur gonna do is talk shit like a fuckng little bitch, then just go shoot yourself, if you dont like the game, at least appreciate the amount of time that was put into this.


this game waz WICKED exept
1.there were gliches e.g.music stopping and going out of the ring! zooming around in space
2.the purple and red power-ups were too simalar
3.u could of added make ur own space-craft
4.rankz and high scores
other that that tis game waz ace!!
make more HVR gamez!! ^_^

Super Addictive, Super fun!

I like the way all works togheter to bring us a very nice game, i like to shoot those bastards racers and be the # 1, it took me some minutes to control the whole game , after that being a race killer is a must do because if you don't fight back there's no way to keep the control of the game and in consecuence you lose.

Keep up the very nice work!!!

Pretty good

It was good but on the third level if ur hit with one of those purple mines ur pushed in the lava and u cant get back in the track...