Reviews for "HVR: High Velocity Racing"

Really fun

I think this is one of the best racing/action/and funnest game on NG! Dude you should add more maps though. I beat all of them on every difficulty and after a while it gets kinda boring. Awesome game though.

Great game its very cool

This is a game I have been waiting for. It was cool I just wish u could make your own levels and stuff. The weapons were great and gave me a good challenge for about two hours. I saw that the opponents were getting stuck when you shot them a certain way and it was a good strategy for me to get the person in first out of my way. I got one question for u.... If u make another one can you add more machines or be able to customize it and new levels. Keep up the good work ^_^ 5/5


I would suggest looking through the game for bugs like getting off the track bug!!!!! REMaKE The game or not

very good

the ships were a little hard to control the wepons were a nice change from other racers THE maps were fun but way too much turning but it was very nice of a game good job

Kick ass!

This is the best driving game I've ever played on NG. I think it would be cool if you remade it with a Shake Rattle 'n Roll theme with cartoony weapons and stuff.