Reviews for "HVR: High Velocity Racing"


i loved this game, the ability to tweak all the settings and just race for no real reason was great. i don't know what davidhowland was on about, i had all the settings cranked as high as i could, and had no problems with lag. a championship mode and more levels might be good for the next one though.


There was way too much going on in this game. It lagged alot, the graphics, while well-done, were way too busy. this game should be slimmed down.

Fun, but shallow

I like this game's Mario-Kart-in-the-future feel, and the camera work was pretty neat in the way that it zooms in and out, but there are a couple of glitches (enemies get stuck on walls, things like that), the weapons need a bit more variety, and it was kind of shallow.

Fun, but gets old

This game is a fun game, for a short period of time. Its challenging, but it gets old, going around and around and around. Also, the camera moves out too far when racing.


I like the idea of shooting the crap outta' things, but there is a limit on how much I like running around in a continuous circle.