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Reviews for "Lars' Adventure"

this fun game is.

It can burn whole buildings if someone is careless

The music pretty much made this game. Without the song, the game would be good, but the music made it pretty much great.
But seriously, the game was good, and surprisingly challenging later on.

In short, this game is the bomb, the atomic bomb!

Good Platformer

I always know when I like a game by the fact that even when I repeatedly see a Game Over screen, I keep coming for more. And that's exactly what happened to me here. I couldn't close the game and walk away - I HAD to keep going. until I had finished it. The graphics are really nice, the levels are tricky and the bosses are cool. I only wish it was bigger.

Unlike others here, I didn't have a problem with the music. I really liked that song! I'm going to give this game eight out of ten, because I had a lot of fun playing it and that's the most important thing for me with games.


i like it

I am now going to burn whole buildings.

This game was made to be a game of endurance right? The guy below me is far too nice in just saying that this song is just a little repetitive. Its a basic platformer that becomes frustrating with one hit kills and going back to the start immediately after. I did manage to beat it though, but not without a great deal of frustration, and the song repeating time after time after time after time did not make it any better. I'm pretty sure this game was made to be a joke based on the climactic ending, so I'm jokingly going to give you a bad score because this game has pissed me off so much. I enjoy a lot of your other games though, adn find them very funny. Just no more of this shit.