Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Presumed Dead"

loving this shit man!

as always, your punk is top notch!

weird about switch though, i hope he'll turn up and say HAI soon!!

Evil-Dog responds:

That'd be cool :D and thanks! I hope you're doing good

Well done!

Just keep on trucking man, hope you find switch- i always liked both your stuff

Evil-Dog responds:

he's back! :D he got back on this weekend haha the song brought him back :P


Great Song...Simply Awesome


Yeah I completely agree with all those other guys. You really should make a game just like "punko matic"! Now while you are at it, why not make something better than FL Studio? And instead of kick's and other "Emfp Emfph" sounds, you could maybe exchange all the sounds, with bass guitars and drums!

Now that's a great idea! :D

awesome as always

don't you ever fuckin' stop makin' punk music!
somehow you developed a sound that no band really reminds me of.. dammit!
and as many others said before me:
it's not fair that you're stuck here on newgrounds. you gotta get out there and rock the shit out of the world! i mean sure.. you make this punk o matic stuff which is awesome too.. but is that everything? you can have it all with your fucking talent. everytime i compare my songs to your stuff it's frustrating me. but that's okay as long as you do something!
peace =)