Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Presumed Dead"

Gotta love SCGMD4

The game made me to come here and i mean it


Come on, when are we going to hear your sexy voice?

Evil-Dog responds:

Haha never! Wel maybe someday, I don'T have a sexy voice but I do back vocals with my band Chucks Nation so you'll hear me in our next album :D


keep making awesome music...

i know your super busy with all your other work, but have you made any progress with punk-o-matic pro?

just wondering =]

btw submit some more awesome stuff, haven't seen any new stuff in a while.

Hey evil...

It's good he's back! Awesome song you made! I usually listen to deathmetal, or just plain metal, powermetal sometimes... folk metal... you name it, if it's metal I like listening to it. But I listen to this as well, this is great stuff!


this is fucking fantastic :)

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks buddy ;)