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Reviews for "Kirby Escape From Halberd"

Um, it was a nice try at least

All you do in this game is just pick an arrow and hope you were right. Not much skill involved, I never got past the 3rd set of doors, I couldnt figure it out and my paitence was growing thin.


Didn't you escape by riding on a good Wheelie?


this is soooo hard but i like the music

Way too fast... can't react properly, it's frustrating..

A bit too fast...

Even with the info from the review below mine, there was hardly enough time to even click the correct buttons.
Yes, the tutorial itself explains quite well what one has to do, but it doesn't inform the player how to play the game, i.e. with the mouse or the keyboard. As a result of this, the first few rounds, I attempted to use my arrow keys in order to steer Kirby into the left-side door. Assuming I was too slow (which is quite easy to believe due to the high pace of the game), I tried again, untill I tried with the mouse instead. (A bit stupid from my side, but... The first few times with the mouse, I clicked the doors instead of their respective buttons...)
As for the middle deck, the "tutorial" covers the space where the correct button is, fading away and leaving merely a quarter of a second to hit the button.

In summary: Good concept, but poorly executed.
However, renewing the tutorial to become a bit more informative on how to play the game, as well as giving the player more of a chance to react, will surely increase the ratings of this game.