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Reviews for "Kirby Escape From Halberd"


don't play this game when listening to other music or santan talks to you.....

Um, it was a nice try at least

All you do in this game is just pick an arrow and hope you were right. Not much skill involved, I never got past the 3rd set of doors, I couldnt figure it out and my paitence was growing thin.

I donĀ“t like this game

I think this game sucks but that is just my opinion someone else thinks this is good

um... no

this isn't that good of a game. the music is loud and annoying but it does fit. (because its called Dead End) everything else could be improved.

...Warp speed much?

Goes too fast. You barely have enough time to click on an arrow, let alone look at the doors to see which one is correct. >_<