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Reviews for "Kirby Escape From Halberd"


I got my cheeseburger back!!!!!!!

Buddudslash responds:

HEHE. good job!

Unfortuanately, I originally had a love song about cheeseburgers there, but it was 5 minutes long and made the file way too big..

sorry XD

Good job on the game!

I didnt really understand what to do until those arrows appeared... well to tell u the truth i dont think much of it. <:( But keep up the good work!

kind of fucked up...

but try leave a massage to this on where u got the song to drop out(ddrmax2 7th mix)

Good game

I liked it, and for the record, the song's Dead End by N&S.

Okay game

It went just a tad too fast though. The exits will show up one second, then the next you wind up crashing into a wall without knowing WTF just happened. ALTHOUGH.....there is a way you can cheat. Right after the arrows and exits appear, right-click and select "Play." This will pause the game so you can take as much time as you need to figure out which door to pick.