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Reviews for "Kirby Escape From Halberd"

Pretty good game, but the ending...

Pretty good selection of music. It blends in with what the game is, but the ending... not what I expected... When I saw the cheeseburger thing I was like "whaaaaaaaat?".

Anyways, Meta Knight is pretty sw33t. If you ignore the stuff you think is bad, you might think this is a good game.

A little hard but good


Well, I think parts of the game went too freakin fast. I mean, there is no reaction in this game. Its basically trial and error, especially with the doors on the first level. But it was still entertaining, and taking the wrong doors led to different cutscenes that were fun to watch. =).

All and all I'd say it was pretty good =).

Not bad

Its not bad. The idea is good, but u need to have more of a challenge, and different type other than just flying n choosin the rite door. The music was really good tho.

very nice

its pretty fun but it goes a bit too fast