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Reviews for "Kirby Escape From Halberd"


Huh wat game is this it is so hard to play if the author dun no how to play too it is so funny.

Pretty gay

self explanitory this sucked

im giving u a 2 cuz i have 2 balls


don't play this game when listening to other music or santan talks to you.....

Not bad, but too damn fast!

Yeah...I had to cheat by stopping the play and selecting an arrow... there should be at least a little more time... jeez =/ the guiding light part was even hard WITH pausing =) Good work tho


LOTS OF FUN!!! Make it a wee bit slower, though, if you make another. I had to pause the fricken game just to find a good door... you sorta have to memorize ;p

Eh, Laterz.