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Reviews for "Kirby Escape From Halberd"

Awesome music man!!!

the game is all right, but i play for the music! i'm a big DDR player and fan, the song playing, Dead End, kicks ASS!! love the music!


What is this about a cheese burger? o.0


yeah,good game,when you make stuff you should try to make it as good as this was,this was great!Keep up the good work!


What were you on?

This is one of the craziest flash games I've played! The Mad Duck from EarthBound was simply hilarious! The song was pretty good too,fit the atmosphere...the first stage IS pretty hard though,and lame. Make it so you can skip certain screens.


that was kinda really crappy man... way to fast!!! slow it down and drag out the game a little more gives no time to think or look on whats going on