Reviews for "Lauren Berry's House"

great ending

crappy animation. Loved the soundtrack and voice. made it feel so eerie. also liked the floating subtitles. Ending was great.



It was very good and creepy. Sometimes the graphics hindered the mood, though; the walking animation wasn't very convincing, for example. The suspense was top notch: especially when you made the camera linger for a few seconds on the empty backgrounds after the girl had left it.

Both the TV thing and the Ghost/soup were done pretty damn well. The guy outside eating hair could have been expanded on.

To me, the ending was disappointing. Through the whole flash it seemed like the girl knew what she was doing..SHE was half of the whole creepiness thing. But then when she said she wanted mommy and daddy I just went What? o.O?

Though I expected some sort of screamer to come out earlier, by this time I was not expecting it because of the quality of the rest of the flash. I'm not sure what you could have done, but basically I think the ending should have either revealed something scary or followed the girl back to bed, leaving the viewer in the same state of suspense that was very effectively carried during the movie.


holy f*** that was scary. at the end when she freaked out at the stairs being so long. scared the crap out of me.

keep up the good work

fix the elbows

fix the elbows

salad fingers

seems like it's trying too hard to play off the same creepiness that Salad Fingers does, except this one was just boring. Sorry.