Reviews for "Akira the Don - Hypocrite"

soon enough

i'll get my band up and i'll be back on my feet


Wonchop, the animation is fucking superb. You couldn't have done better. :D Seriously. I love the whole freaking video. The animations is. . . well its hard to describe. I love the main character. (I also how you completely abuse Akira's trademark character [the pink thing, that is his original concept right?] xD)

Akira, mate, I absolutely HATE rap. . . But I just cannot stop listening to this song. Dx Its so frickin' amazing. Catchy, a good message (I think), English Accent xD (never heard English rap), clever. xD

The combination of your two talents resulted in a spifftastic music video that defies all the laws of awesome. o.o

(I know hes probably not going to read this, but)
@ObeyBunny: Thats why Wonchop got some "MrSimon" dude to add subtitles, it's the lil round button in the bottom-left hand of the screen :D. (So I should also thank MrSimon for adding that. The lyrics were pretty cool too.)

Haha, I can't stop watching this, it keeps using up all my free time. Dx

i like it

i like them
all of them
can you make more

What is he saying?

The animantion is good, but I can't understand a word of the song.


Censors Suck this song is better without em Great vid tho