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Reviews for "Reasoner - Harper's Hop"

Absolutely Beautiful.

I don't want to sound imasculine, but at the same time I don't care. This brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful story to go with the song, reminds me of something from a sad movie. As for the song, I'd say its just as good as some of Thomas Newmans pieces of work. Congradulations on a beautiful song. :')

I'm glad that you made this

I was really stressed because I had a fair amount of homework that I had to do. I had a headache, getting pissed at my book for not clearly stating the things that I needed. I decided to listen to some music while doing my homework and I started to listen to this. THis song actually calmed me down, I no longer had a headache, and I got my homework done with less stress than usual. I thank you for this song and I really like the way that you composed this, esspecially the piano. I would like to see more of these kind of relaxing songs in the future.

so peaceful

music i could let go of life to :D so beatiful makes me want to make changes to my perspectiveon life ... thanks man you made my life feel less crap

Very Reasoneresque

Right from the start I thought of "A Walk down the Trail" Just liek from that toyota commercial, lol. Very Clean, high-quality sound. I was thinking before I clicked it "Uh oh... is Reasoner doing Hip Hop now?? :S" But I'm GLAD to hear it's not. lol

Supreme as always.

Strange but Intresting.

Unlike your other songs reasoner, this one is quite strange but VERY intresting to hear.

it's like so different. i can't tell what the difference is but it's alright i guess.

it's not so bad. still a good piece.