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Reviews for "Pandemic: EoM"


badly set out.


not the best game on newgrounds, but definitely one worth playing.

ok could made a worse game!!

confusing, not as near as good as the other pademic,basicly it sucked. it was to hard and confusing, anyway you could make a very good game

all luck

would of been much better if it wasent so based onj luck, drug resistance does nothing to slow cure speed also, or kill it, and the dam airports, the its so random to infect, ive used 10 points to infecto ne before, and not infected, and other times 2 trimes and i infected, and i think u set it that if the random plane landing area program glitchs on killed countrys by changing it straight back ot the starting country, as it seems like it lands in the starter country like 5x more when im killed heapso f countrys. this makes the entire game luck, like i once got every country cept greenland, and greenland fully created a vacine before 1 plane went there, and another time i did it just as my last country canada died.
Also why is the game over screen the same as the win screen?

And on 1 last note why is the only accurate amount of human beings in any of ur games Pandemic: american Swine, the closest was pandemic 2 as i think 2000 it was 6.3 billion, but in 2008 it was 9 billion, so pls try to get the amount right.

pretty confusing in beggining

i sugest u spend first points upgrading just drug and infectivity spread it as much as u can
then make it leathel